The Different Types of Shoppers and How to Get Them to Purchase From Your Store

The number one rule in any kind of business is to know your customer. A merchant must understand what their customers want and need. It seldom happens that a customer is similar to another. One customer could just be browsing. While the other is looking for something specific but has all the intention to make a purchase.

It is becoming more challenging in the business landscape to encourage shoppers to make a purchase, most especially for big-ticket items. But fear not, for there are also many ways to help entice you to close a deal with your customers.

In this article, we will be listing down the different kinds of online shoppers you will encounter in your business and how to encourage them to make a purchase.

Hooked By An Advertisement

When you’re just starting in the online shopping industry, it can be difficult to gain organic traffic to your business. You will need a lot of innovative ideas to gain more customers, and one of the easiest ways to do that is through paid advertisement. However, even if your potential customer clicked on your ad, there is no certainty that they will make a purchase.

Though customers who are hooked by an advertisement may or may not make a purchase, you can entice them by the payment options you can provide them with. Imagine if you can provide consumer financing. There is a more significant possibility that they will buy something. What can be more encouraging than seeing that you can afford to pay something? Online stores have connections to multiple lenders. With this kind of power, they can provide their customer with a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) option from leading providers like

Bargain Is The Name Of The Game

Customers who purchase because of discounts can be tough to keep. Their main goal is to look for the best value for their money. They will go from one store to another just to get the best deals. This could also mean that you may not get the most profit out of them. Although, there are other ways to strategically encourage them to make a purchase even if they are looking for a bargain.

At the point of sale, you can provide your customers with instant financing that can be very alluring to any customer looking for a bargain. With loans that do not need a lot of paperwork, you can quickly close a deal. Remember, next to how good your products are. You need to put a premium on your customers’ convenience.

“I’m Just Browsing”

Some customers are just bored and looking for random things they could buy. They are looking for something that will not break the bank. These customers are looking for a purchase that will not require them to pay an amount they wouldn’t usually pay for. Customers who are just browsing may most likely immediately purchase from you if you’re not offering them enticing deals.

Perhaps a customer who is just browsing suddenly remembers that they need a new coffeemaker. If you’re selling a coffeemaker, this customer can be a potential client. But if the price is not correct, you can stand to lose this client. If you offer them a Buy Now Pay Later option at the point of sale financing, you can see better results. Customers will most likely buy something if they have the buying power to do so.

Repeat Customers

Repeat customers are the best customers you can find. Having repeat customers mean that you have loyal customers. You can expect to have a consistent stream of income with them. What’s more, they can leave positive feedback on your page wish and encourage others to be a patron of your business. As an entrepreneur, you must make sure to keep these customers as happy as possible. Perhaps give them an incentive or allow them to collect points to be able to buy more.

Other than that, you can offer them different options at the point of sale financing. You can provide them with the opportunity to make a loan through Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL). With BNPL, customers can be easily persuaded with this option. If they can buy what they want or need, they could make more purchases. What’s even better is they can tell their friends and family the great deals you can offer to them.

The landscape of online shopping can be very competitive. However, with the right amount of creativity and innovation, you can turn your online business into a great success.

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