The Business Enabler of the Year Award finalists revealed

This Business Champions Award celebrates businesses who help their customers or clients to increase sales and profitability through a competitive advantage.

Recognising the impact of ‘enablers’ that offer value beyond products, infrastructure and services and instead delivering more customers, clients or revenue for businesses certainly deserves a round of applause.

For a business to be constantly innovating to support its clients, as their unsung heroes in many cases, it doesn’t just need to be ahead of the curve, it needs to set the curve. To achieve this aim the CEO needs to lead and inspire the entire team to be constantly analysing their work and data perceptions coupled with market trends, potential new verticals and competitors as well as innovation from their current and potential new suppliers. These businesses assist with enabling business to make better, more informed decisions about their futures whilst always keeping an eye on the financials to ensure that they go up. Inspirational = yes. Am I looking forward to meeting them at the finale in March? Also yes. So without further ado, the finalists for 2023 are:


The Ortharize platform has been built to make business travel operations more efficient. Travellers spend up to 40% less when using it regain countless hours booking and reconciling travel over a dozen customisable reports including CO2 emission tracking. Each search will only show results that fit within each company’s designated travel policy so overspending can’t occur.

People Puzzles

Knowing that businesses thrive when everyone in the team is aligned and pulling in the same direction, People Puzzles deliver a range of HR Services to help mid-tier businesses source the people they need to succeed. Working remotely or on-site, they will get to know your business and ensure that people are managed, trained and sourced in a way that delivers results.

Swoop Funding

Thinking of themselves as virtual CFO’s, Swoop Funding takes the hassle out of finding funds to grow your business. Their software enables clients to search tailored options across loans, equity and grants and assists in processing applications to ensure the best possible outcomes. Their team can also help you find savings on your business costs from energy to banking and more.

Will Polston Coaching and Training

Will Polston is an entrepreneur, business strategist, and one of the UK’s leading performance coaches. Will works with entrepreneurs who want to achieve more in life – whether that’s more money, more time, more health, or more happiness. With one-on-one coaching, his academy and extra resources, Will has designed his business around his ability to assist his clients in breaking through their barriers, turn procrastination into productivity and achieve their full potential.

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The Business Enabler of the Year Award finalists revealed