The Best Merchant Payment Methods for Small to Medium Online Business Owners

Merchant services refer to the services and technology that businesses use to accept and process payments. Using merchant services enables enterprises to receive other payment options other than cash and check. The use of merchant service will lead to businesses getting the hardware and software needed to accept and process credit cards, debit cards, or NFC payments.

Since there are varying payment options, businesses need to keep up with the latest technology to give their clients the convenience they need. Large companies can easily keep up with the latest trends since they have skilled employees to analyze and implement the various payment options. But, it is not so easy for small businesses.

If so, make use of the merchant service as they offer online financing for small businesses. The service allows you to expand the customer base by accepting various payment options. Using this option will enable customers to shop in your online shop or in-store and conveniently make payments. The merchants allow you to get the pay faster than paper, checks, or mailed invoice.

Find out some services that are offered by merchant services for online services.

Buy Now Pay Later

For a long time, retailers have provided shoppers the ability to pay overtime using the installments option. However, in the past, the retailers would hold on to the product unit the buyer made ample payment to cover the product, they would get the merchandise. As a way to increase sales, businesses came up with a better option to entice their clients to buy the products by using buy now, pay later consumer financing.

This online financing allows shoppers to pay a fraction of the product’s price upfront, and the product is shipped right away. Using the buy now pay later option, the merchant pays the full amount to the business. The rest of the payment is collected automatically from the shopper at a predetermined interval. Point of Sale Financing from reputable companies like gives customers the flexibility to get the goods they want without having to layout the total cost upfront but rather to pay it back in smaller, more affordable payments over a few months.

Credit Cards And Debit Cards

Another convenient method you can use to accept payment in your business is the credit and debit card. You will need a payment gateway facility from the merchant for shoppers to make the transaction and for you to use this service. With this option, the customer will buy the goods and use the accepted card company to process them. The information is securely sent to the merchant company to make inquiries.

The merchant will ask to get some authorization from the bank that issued the card to the clients. The issuer will then ensure that the information is accurate and responsive to the merchant. If approved, the merchant will issue the payment to your business and collect the money.


E-checks work like regular checks, but without the paperwork. The e-checks allow the client to make the payment from their bank using electrical checks. The method works when the consumer gets to the online store where they want to buy. When they choose the products they want to purchase, they then head to the payment option. Here they fill in the information of the e-check.

If you have a merchant service, you will get a dedicated web page that is trusted and secure where your clients can fill in the information of the e-check. The customer paying using this method will fill in their bank routing number and the account information. The merchant service will transfer the funds to your business and deal with the e-check as they can wait for it to mature.

Mobile Transfer

Accepting mobile payment is essential for every business. With the high use of mobile devices, clients switch to mobile payment since it is convenient and at their fingertips. If your company does not accept this payment option, they might end up missing business opportunities.

To receive the payment into your account, you need to have a mobile wallet account where the money will be transferred. If you choose a merchant account, they will quickly set up the account. All your payments will be instantly transferred into the wallet, and the merchant account can transfer it into your bank or account of your choosing.

There are various merchant accounts you can choose to help you set online payment options. Shop around for a reliable company and one that will offer you the payment options you need for your business.

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