Jeremy Hunt says £100,000 not a huge salary in Surrey

Jeremy Hunt

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s remarks about £100,000 not being a significant salary for residents in his Surrey constituency have sparked controversy and criticism.

Hunt made the statement on social media while discussing government childcare eligibility criteria, which exclude families with a parent earning over £100,000.

Labour representatives swiftly condemned Hunt’s comments, arguing that they illustrate the Conservative Party’s detachment from the financial realities of ordinary working people. Jonathan Ashworth, Labour’s Shadow Paymaster General, emphasised that for most people, earning £100,000 annually would be considered a substantial income. He also criticised the Conservative government’s economic policies, attributing increased mortgage costs to their mismanagement.

Surrey county councillor Paul Follows, who is running as the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate against Hunt, echoed Labour’s sentiments, suggesting that Hunt’s perspective might be skewed by his own wealth. Robert Evans OBE, another Surrey county councillor, highlighted the disparity between Hunt’s perception of income and the actual financial struggles faced by many residents in his constituency. He emphasized that £100,000 far exceeds the average household income in areas like Spelthorne.

Overall, Hunt’s comments have ignited debate about income inequality and the disconnect between political leaders and the people they represent, particularly amid concerns about the rising cost of living.

Bob Singh, Founder at Chess Mortgages commented: “Another unguarded comment from our Government. £100kpa attracts £34,000 tax and NI leaving a monthly net wage of £5500. A mortgage of £450k over 25 years at 4.5% is £2500 pm. With living costs of, say, £2000 pm this leaves a slim margin for life’s luxuries. The mortgage payments at 1.5% would have been £1800. So due to higher inflation and consequently higher interest rates these households are paying £700 pm more. The picture is better if a couple both earn £50k each with deductions of just £25k. £100k is a pipe-dream for many but living in expensive areas is a choice and if you make your bed you must lie in it. From where I’m sitting £100k is sufficient to get by on.”

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Jeremy Hunt says £100,000 not a huge salary in Surrey