How To Increase Shopper Signups?

Are you not getting as many sign-ups to your eCommerce store? Don’t worry; it’s a common problem. Getting customer sign-ups comes with many benefits. Any marketer will tell you that having an email list is a gold mine for continuous sales. It’s not easy. Sometimes, sign-ups can make a customer bounce off your site quickly. But when done right, it can elevate your business. After all, sign-ups provide you with a communication line to get up close and personal with your customers.

So, how can you encourage more sign-ups? Well, here are six nifty tricks to help you.

Don’t Ask For Too Much Information

When you ask for too many details upfront, like name, last name, email, address, date of birth etc., the customer will most likely run for the hills. Put it this way, would you give out all your personal information if it was your first time dealing with a business? Sure, the information is useful, but they can come later down the process. Keep it simple; don’t clutter up your sign up forms. A name, email and password are more than enough for the initial phase.

Make it as convenient as possible, the less annoyed they are, the more likely they will sign up.

Offer A Guarantee

Depending on the reason you want them to sign up, guarantees will differ. Let’s say you want them to sign up for your weekly newsletter; you must promise them that you won’t sell on their contact information. If it’s about money, you can offer some type of customer satisfaction guarantee. Many businesses make the mistake of keeping the ”money-back guarantee” term short. But what they don’t realize is that people are more likely to cancel after seven or 14 days. Why? Think about it realistically, how invested are they going to be in your product or service after only 14 days? The longer you extend it, the more time you give them to learn and become invested in what you have to offer.

Make Your CTA’S Obvious

As a marketer and business owner, you know that a call-to-action holds much significance. It’s what makes them sign-up. Your CTA should be well-designed and serves a purpose. Let people know what benefits they will get for signing up. If you want their information, you need to provide them with value.

Add Relevance

Customers want a product and service that is relevant to their needs. The more relevance you can provide, the more sign-ups you will get. This also provides your marketing team to make your newsletter less generic and more personal. That way, your customer sees that it’s worthwhile.

Create Urgency

You have probably heard of “FOMO” or, ”fear of missing out” and it’s real. Shoppers don’t like to miss out on deals and discounts. Seasonal marketing works well for this. Creating urgency around holidays like Christmas, Easter, Valentines etc., you can do that because there is a limited time for them. Even if there aren’t any holiday’s, you can still create a sense of urgency. Use slogans like “free shipping,” ”one time offer”, ”best”, ”exclusive,” and so on. Customers are more likely to sign up if they feel like they will miss out on a good deal.

Offer Buy Now Pay Later Option

Buy Now Pay Later from reputable companies like may entice new customers to sign up. That’s because more and more people are choosing this as a payment option. Millennials and Gen Zers don’t like to use credit cards, and many don’t even own one. And as they are quickly becoming the largest group of consumers, you need to cater for the payment option they prefer. And it just so happens to be Buy Now Pay Later. Some customers even actively look for this option, and their decision is based on whether the Buy Now Pay Later option is available. Recognizing this trend will not only help you get more sign-ups, but it will always increase your conversion rate. Also, it’s an excellent opportunity for you to gain the trust of consumers. They get to test out your product or service before they make a payment. If they like it, brilliant. If they don’t, you don’t have to worry about issuing a full refund.

The Bottom Line

Boosting your sign-ups is essential if you want your business to last long-term. It’s not easy, but it is well worth it. Be smart and play on your visitor’s needs, once you are able to crack the code, your sign-ups will skyrocket.

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