Business Champion Awards release Scale Up and Market Disruptor of the Year Award finalists

All hail the businesses who have brought change and disrupted the status-quo whilst maintaining consistent growth.

The Scale Up and Market Disruptor of the Year Award celebrates businesses who have identified a market opportunity and built a strategy that has altered customer behaviours.

By recognising the scale of their market opportunity they have successfully and consistently seen profitable growth whilst demonstrating the clear disruptive impact during the last 12 months. Certainly no mean feat during these past few years. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone at the grand finale in March.


A leading provider of fuel poverty, energy-efficiency and low-carbon services across the UK, AgilityEco works in partnership with utility companies, local authorities, social housing providers, charities and social enterprises tackling the dual challenges of fuel poverty and vulnerability. We design and operate a number of community-based programmes to provide fuel poverty and energy efficiency solutions to these specific households

Bloom Procurement

Bloom offers a dynamic supply chain providing the public sector with a marketplace to buy and manage services. They ensure delivery of quality outcomes from their pre-approved and ever growing network of suppliers and consultants. Crucially, their fully compliant open access marketplace is outcomes-based, meaning the public sector only pays for what is delivered.

Bramble Energy

Bramble Energy is working towards a Net Zero carbon future, using today’s technology. They have developed a route to access, combine and distribute all forms of renewable energy generating technologies by cost effectively empowering the Hydrogen Economy. They are powering Net Zero with their unique PCBFC™ technology which has a number of key advantages compared to traditional fuel cell systems.

KW Special Projects

From race cars to hypercars, new battery technology to advanced applications for additive manufacturing, KWSP is a high-performance engineering specialist. Harnessing state-of-the-art technologies to solve complex challenges they work closely with their clients on collaborations and turnkey solutions for companies operating worldwide.


Solving ‘charge anxiety’ for EV drivers is now a reality with the engineering and design of Petalite’s own SDC chargers and unique business model. They solve the common pains experienced by manufacturers, operators and owners of public rapid DC chargers. Their main focus is around reliability, ROI and charger life as well as addressing long term sustainability issues and driver frustrations.

PSE Offline Marketing

From Ikea to Hello Fresh, PSE Offline Marketing uses extraordinary levels of data to derive unique methods of marketing straight to the desired individuals of their brands. Driven by growth, they work with entrepreneurial businesses with ambitious plans and thrive on playing their part in helping their client’s surpass their goals.

Whiskey & Wealth Club

As specialised cask whiskey wholesalers, Whiskey & Wealth Club connect masters of the craft with true connoisseurs. In partnership with with some of the world’s finest distilleries, they offer cask whiskey to their private clients at special ultra-wholesale rates enabling anyone the opportunity to tap into the global whiskey market.

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Business Champion Awards release Scale Up and Market Disruptor of the Year Award finalists