Business Champion Awards finalists revealed for Diversity and Inclusion programmes

Being aware enough of the ongoing issues in society is one thing, putting plans in place to ensure inclusivity in the work place is no mean feat.

The Business Champion Awards know that if businesses have accomplished this, that needs to be celebrated.

A few years ago many companies simply thought that having a mantra that stated their policy on diversity was enough. Incidents and negativity in the workplace have proven that it certainly isn’t.

A company needs to live and breathe these elements in their practice to encompass a richly diverse and inclusive workplace.

A strong leading HR movement to put these values into action is needed as well as sourcing a team who all believe vehemently in the cause, in the hope that one day it won’t even be an issue or a cause, certainly not one needing an award. Until then, we’re championing the businesses that are proactive in their fight for equal rights, diversity and inclusivity. Those businesses that stand up to bullying in the work place and coach others to do the same. A happy workplace is a successful one. Congratulations to the 2023 finalists, I’m looking forward to meeting you at the grand finale in March:

ISC Group

ISC Group UK is a global not-for-profit organisational community that is dedicated to increasing the representation of Women in Insurance, helping them to achieve the highest potential in their career. ISC Group creates a tailored programme in each of their locations to ensure that different cultural challenges are being addressed in the different countries to enable women to gain the confidence and skills they need to progress successfully in their careers.

Templeton & Partners

To get global reach in Industry 4.0, clients need specialist global teams in multiple tech hubs. 99% of recruitment agencies operate locally; generalist giants with global reach operate in country silos. Templeton & Partners build scalable, specialist international tech teams for international businesses across multiple locations, through their own diverse and international team.

Simply Doughnuts

Simply Doughnuts is a British manufacturer of fresh doughnuts with an exceptionally long shelf-life. Its R&D work in extending shelf-lives won it a Queens’ Award for Enterprise in 2020 (Innovation category). Based in York, they have designed a recruitment process that searches for, trains and employs people in the local community that might otherwise find it hard to source work. Their belief and training has helped to inspire their community within the business.

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Business Champion Awards finalists revealed for Diversity and Inclusion programmes