British Airways to cancel further flights up to the end of October

BA is expected to announce plans for the new “Euroflyer” operation shortly. Details are sketchy, but it is likely to be based on the model followed by BA’s CityFlyer subsidiary, which runs in and out of London City Airport.

British Airways has announced a further raft of flight cancellations between now and the end of October as the UK’s travel chaos continues.

The airline has struggled with staff shortages and with airport Heathrow’s decision to cap passenger numbers until the end of October.

A spokesperson for the airline said “the vast majority” of customers would travel “as planned” but that they would be taking an axe to a number of flights.

“In addition, we’re giving customers travelling with us this winter notice of some adjustments to our schedule, which will include consolidating some of our short-haul flights to destinations with multiple services,” the British Airways spokesperson said.

BA also confirmed it would cut around 10,000 flights from its winter schedule, or around 8 per cent of its planned schedule.

The airline has been at the forefront of complaints from passengers this summer due to a raft of last-minute cancellations, which it has blamed on airports not being staffed adequately for the rebound in flight numbers.

Airports across Europe have hit back at airlines, saying that they too have been caught short as a result of higher than expected passenger numbers.

British Airways said they would protect key holiday destinations during the October half term.

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British Airways to cancel further flights up to the end of October