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What Happens When New Mothers Don't Have Insurance? Help Us Find Out. – ProPublica

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This story was co-published with Vox.

The U.S. remains one of the most dangerous high-income countries in the world for women to give birth. And with the uninsured rate rising across the country particularly among people who are low income — an already dangerous situation could deteriorate even further.

More than half of all maternal deaths occur after the birth, sometimes six or more weeks postpartum, including a rising number linked to chronic conditions including cardiac-related illnesses and mental health disorders. It’s no coincidence that many American mothers lack adequate health insurance during this critical period of their lives.

That’s why ProPublica’s Nina Martin and Vox’s Julia Belluz are teaming up for a reporting project about the gaps in health care insurance that women experience during and after pregnancy.

To do this right, we need to hear from you. Please help our reporting by completing the callout below or emailing the reporters directly at maternal@propublica.org.

We know this topic and the following questions can be sensitive. We won’t voluntarily publish any information you share without your permission.

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